We call him “Sweet Pete” as he’s done a fantastic job selling all 24 of the single tenant listings we have hired him for.

Bobby Fitzpatrick

Cardinal Capital, Dallas TX

Peter, you did a wonderful job helping us with our 1031 exchange.  It seemed that you were literally part of our family 24/7 during the process.  The single tenant properties you found for us have provided us with a very nice income as a replacement for our apartment community.

Larry and Ginny B

Grand Rapids, MI

Peter Colvin is a “man of his word” and great to work with.  I have sold three of his single tenant listings and he was very helpful, creative, hard-working and unselfish.

Chris Travis

Marcus and Milichap, Orlando Fl

Peter is consistently one of the Top 10 Advisors in the country for SVN. He is a leader, a pioneer, a visionary and a Market Dominator. He is highly respected by the owners, staff and fellow advisors within our organization.

Kevin Maggiacomo

President and CEO, SVN International

Peter has shown amazing focus and continued success in challenging markets and has been an inspiration to me and my entire team. Not only has he taken time to help mentor several of our advisors but has always been available to share his knowledge and experience with us. He is a leader within our company not just by his proven track record but his integrity and unstoppable work ethic. We are glad he is on our team.

Scott Maesel

SVN LLC, Chicago IL